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Endometriosis is a female reproductive disease which involves uterine tissue becoming located in other areas of a woman's body. Normally, a woman has a monthly period and the lining of the uterus is shed during menstruation. Endometrial tissue can also cause adhesions or scar tissue to form on ovaries, fallopian tubes, in the pelvis, on the bladder and many other areas. When a woman has a menstrual period, endometrial tissue becomes swollen and bleeds which can cause considerable pain. There are a number of medications which can be used to treat endometriosis, but nothing is a permanent fix for the disease.

Sometimes endometriosis and scar tissue pain can be controlled through use of hormone medications such as birth control pills or Lupron, which interrupts the mechanism of action of estrogen. Surgery for severe endometriosis is also a method which a physician will use to treat the disease. A doctor will go in and surgically remove endometrial tissue from the areas it does not belong and it can also result in preservation of fertility for those women that would like to get pregnant. Over time and without proper treatment, endometrial patches can become worse and the results will be even more pain for the woman.

Endometriosis is a progressive disease which causes severe period pain and menstrual cramping and for some women it can be so bad it affects quality of life. There can also be pain during intercourse, vaginal bleeding between periods or premenstrual spotting. Sometimes the pain due to adhesions can be so difficult to bear, a woman will not be able to function on a normal level, which is something serious and requires medical attention. Endometriosis and scar tissue pain is something many women with the disease must face on a daily or weekly basis. Some over the counter pain medications can alleviate the worst pain symptoms; sometimes it can be so bad that other treatment must be provided. For a woman that desires to become pregnant, having a hysterectomy to treat endometriosis may not be an option. With the right medical attention and treatment, the pain due to adhesions can be controlled and a woman with endometriosis can someday go on to become pregnant and have a baby.

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