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There have been several clinical research studies performed which pinpoint a relationship between endometriosis and recurrent miscarriages. It is hard to determine if endometriosis does indeed increase a woman s risk of miscarriage, but with more research the mystery can be uncovered. Endometriosis and a higher risk of miscarriage is something that fertility specialists have long debated and still do even now. While endometriosis is known to cause fertility problems in women, it can also be responsible for a higher rate of miscarriage within the first trimester.

There are a number of different factors which can cause a woman to have a higher rate of miscarriage which include:

Chronic health conditions or diseases Temporary illness Chromosomal abnormalities Lifestyle choices

If endometriosis does make a woman have a higher risk of miscarriage, studies have shown that treating the disease can lessen the rates. Not only does endometriosis require treatment, but there are also things a woman can do to lessen the chances of miscarriage. Improving the odds can include lessening stress, managing any health complications, avoiding illicit drugs and alcohol and not smoking. For a woman that has endometriosis, it can be difficult to become pregnant but it also increases the chances of a first trimester miscarriage. For women that have endometriosis and a higher rate of miscarriage, it is advisable to consult with a fertility specialist and follow any advice provided. With the help of a medical professional, there is a reason for women to hope for a healthy pregnancy. While endometriosis causes problems for up to 50% of women, many of the women will miscarry due to other reasons as well.

The rate for a spontaneous miscarriage for a normal pregnancy is 10%, so a woman with endometriosis has an even higher risk. With the advent of many new advances being made in the world of reproductive medicine, there is a good chance a woman with endometriosis can become pregnant. It is always important to consume a healthy diet, avoid certain risky factors which could impair fertility and a woman should seek a specialist if encountering difficulty when trying to conceive. Endometriosis and a higher risk of miscarriage is a topic that requires further research in order to better understand, but a woman should never give up hope of someday being able to have a baby.

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