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Approximately 30-40% of women are suffering from infertility related to endometriosis. Women that endure great pain during sexual intercourse may not be having sex during the most fertile time of the month, which decreases the chances of pregnancy. The scar tissue or adhesions from endometriosis can also block the ovaries or fallopian tubes which will prohibit sperm from reaching the egg and result in infertility. Another way in which endometriosis can affect fertility is disrupting the normal ovarian cycle and preventing release from the follicles. Women have peritoneal fluid due to endometriosis it can result in an increase of scavenger cells which can destroy sperm and make fertilization impossible. For many women suffering from the disease, endometriosis infertility treatment may be the only way to become pregnant.

Treatment for endometriosis related infertility can include surgery, hormones and possibly assisted reproductive technologies. Many women suffering from endometriosis will benefit from having surgery which can open up blocked fallopian tubes and allow the egg to be fertilized. Depending upon the recommendations of a fertility specialist, a woman suffering from endometriosis will have many different avenues to explore when seeking to get pregnant. Endometriosis infertility treatment has allowed many women with the disease to become pregnant. After careful consideration and following the recommendations of a fertility specialist, a woman can dramatically increase her chances of getting pregnant. Pregnancy rates following treatment for endometriosis fall between 35-65%, and research shows that with medical intervention conception is entirely possible.

A woman could undergo in-vitro fertilization or gamete intrafallopian transfer which could both be very beneficial for a woman over the age of 35 years old. There have been many women suffering from endometriosis using assisted reproductive techniques that have become pregnant, particularly in females that have a moderate form of the disease. Medical researchers are not quite clear about what precisely causes endometriosis, but the topic is currently being studied to find out more information. Using a variety of different treatment methods and making certain lifestyle adjustments can allow a woman suffering from endometriosis to become pregnant. A woman needs to be proactive about handling the symptoms of endometriosis in order to preserve fertility and ensure the ability to conceive when desired.

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