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Endometriosis is a painful disorder in which the lining of the uterus grows in other areas of the female body. The chronic disease currently affects 5.5 million women and young females all across the United States and Canada and is the leading cause behind infertility. Endometrial tissue can grow within the pelvic region, wrap around arteries and major blood vessels, causing serious pain and all different types of problems for a woman.

The cause of the disease is unknown and there are limited ways to treat it and in some cases after treatment it will recur. When trying to conceive, endometriosis can hinder the process and result in a woman having to face infertility. Every month the uterine lining is supposed to grow within the uterus and is shed with the menstrual flow, with endometriosis all of the overgrowth of tissue will bleed and cause significant pain. The results of endometriosis can mean adhesions, pain, bowel problems and scar tissue formation all of which can impact her ability to get pregnant.

A woman's chances of getting pregnant with endometriosis are relatively good if the disease is not severe enough to cause fallopian tube damage and blockage. However, even in severe cases a woman can inquire with a fertility specialist about all of the methods of assisted reproduction which can help her conceive. Things like IUI, IVF and fertility medications might be an option to consider and may help improve the chances of a woman getting pregnant, even when having endometriosis.

Receiving a diagnosis of infertility is heartbreaking for many women to have to confront when trying to conceive. Often the disease is asymptomatic and presents no issues that would raise concern, only after trying to get pregnant for a long time, having no luck and seeking medical attention is a woman made aware she has the disease. The chances of getting pregnant with endometriosis are good if a woman does not have a severe case of the disease. The best thing to do when dealing with endometriosis is to become educated about the disease, make necessary lifestyle changes and do things to naturally alleviate the symptoms and improve fertility.

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