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Gluten Free Food

There are those people who suffer from the Celiac disease andfor that reason they need a gluten free diet. This disease is usually passedfrom one generation to another and people of all age can suffer from it. A glutenprotein that can be found in wheat is also called gliadin and it is responsible for Celiacdisease, the symptoms of which can be fatigue or diarrhea. Celiac disease is a diseaseof the small bowel and the bowel area can become inflamed as a result of the changeof the enzyme tissue called transglutaminase to protein. The gluten-free dietis the only possible treatment for this inflammation that causes the small intestinelining become flat, but it also affects the absorption of nutrients. A gluten-freediet must be completely without the ingredients that contain gluten, so make surethat the food you take is gluten free and eat whole food products, but avoideating processed foods because they contain filters, preservatives andadditives that are not good for your health.

Food List

There are a lot of gluten free foods and we are going tolist the majority of them. For example, yam flour, sweet chestnut flour, riceflour, potato flour, teff flour, sorghum flour, pea flour, masa flour, gramflour, corn flour and carob flour are gluten-free. Next, calcium silicate,calcium phosphate, calcium chloride, calcium casienate, calcium carbonate,tartaric acid, malic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, benzoicacid, ascorbic acid and adipic acid are also gluten free.

There are more glutenfree foods and they include unflavored or plain yoghurt, wild rice, wine, vanillaflavoring and extract, urid peas and beans, potassium iodide and citrate,mineral salts and oil, maize waxy, maize, corn, corn sweetener, corn grits, cornsyrup, corn meal, cornstarch, white vinegar, rice vinegar, distilled vinegar,balsamic vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Gluten free foods are also fresh meatand fish, vitamin A, tarrow root, tapioca, tallow, sucrose, succotash, purespices, soy bean, soy, sunflower seed, sesame seed, seaweed, bean threads, sagopalm, royal jelly, rosin, rice, rennet, ragi, rapeseed, quinoa, prinus, polenta,pigeon peas, petrolatum and peru balsam. All these food are very important foryou if you need a gluten free diet.

Moreover, pepsin, peas, paraffin, fats and oils, nuts exceptbarley, rye and wheat, musk, Milo, millet, masa harina, masa, magnesiumcarbonate, locust bean gum, lipase, lecithin, lanolin, lactose, kudzu rootstarch, keratin, kasha, invert sugar, hydrolyzed soy protein, honey, herbs,hemp, guar gum, and gelatin are gluten free foods as well. The list doesn`t endhere because there are more gluten free foods and they are fresh and driedfruits, fructose, flax, flaked rice, ester gum, elastin, eggs, demineralizedwhey, cream of tartar, cowpea, cowitch, cotton seed oil, cortisone, Chlorella,chestnuts, cheese, castor oil, cassava manihot esculenta, casein, carob bean,canola oil, camphor, butter without additive, buckwheat, chickpea, mung beanand lentil bean. Some other foodsthat are gluten free include hyacinth bean, baking soda, aspic,artichokes, potatoes, Arabic gum, annatto, amaranth,almond nut, alginate, algin, algae, alfalfa, agar, adzuki bean, acacia gum, milk, tea, alcholoh of certain types, scotch whiskey.

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