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Fruit is one of the healthiest foods since it contains antioxidant properties, fiber, vitamin C and potassium.

Apple holds the opinion that visits to the doctor will be less frequent if just one apple a day is consumed. The most important feature of apple is its wealth in fiber. It is known that increased fiber intake decreases risk of heart attacks and stroke. In addition, the fibers provide a cleaner, more tense and shiny skin.

Banana is rich in potassium and fiber. Potassium is very important for muscle development and proper functioning of the heart. It would be best to consume bananas twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. After just a few weeks its positive effects should be noticed in terms of increasing energy and improving overall general health.

Blueberry, beside its phenomenal taste, has a very big impact in the treatment of urinary tract infections, disabling bacteria to remain on its walls. In addition, blueberries may have a favorable effect on sexual function by destroying free radicals, which slows down blood flow to the genitals.

Apricot provides vitamin A. The daily needs for vitamin A will be much easier fulfilled if a diet is enriched with this fruit. One or two apricots daily provide more than 35% of RDA vitamin A. In addition, the apricot is rich in fiber and can provide the 2% of daily needs for fiber.

Blackberry is also rich in fiber. If fruit lovers prefer to eat only one kind of fruit, balckberry is the right choice. One cup of blackberries provides half of the required daily dose of fiber. In addition, blackberry encourages the creation of hemoglobin in the blood, contributing to the treatment of anemia.

Cherries are the healthiest fruit for heart because they contain anthocyanins, which points by their red color. Also, it was proven that cherries reduce the risk of prostate cancer in animals. Therefore, if there is fear of diseases of the heart or prostate, cherries are the right choice.

Pomegranate helps preventing blood clotting and improves blood circulation. One study conducted on mice has shown that the spread of tumors slowed and the rate of survival increased, using pomegranate. In addition, it has been proven that consuming pomegranate reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Orange is rich in citrus and antioxidant properties. Given that contain a large amount of folic acid and vitamin C, oranges are the best natural remedy for strengthening the immune system and fight against colds and flu.

Purple grapes contain flavanoids, resveratrol and anthocyanins, which are crucial for improving the ability of the heart to pump blood to the brain and other organs. Only a small amount of purple grapes a day can raise the level of vital energy and general health.

Mango, like blackberries, can replace several types of fruit which would bring to the body a daily dose of vitamins. With a single mango enters 57 mg of vitamin C which is the effective protection from flu and colds. When it is combined with oranges, the effect will be doubled, raising health resistance.

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