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Nitric Oxide is a gas that was discovered in 1988 and thethree scientists who were responsible for the discovery were awarded the NobelPeace Prize. The gas provides numerous benefits and it is very efficient in theregulation of the proper functioning of lungs, brain, liver, kidney andnumerous other organs in the human body. It is also very helpful in controllingthe blood circulation by means of lowering the blood flow and improving thediameter of blood vessels.

Health Benefits

Among other health benefits of Nitric Oxide Supplements itis very important to mention that they protect the heart from damage andincrease the oxygen supply to the body. They are also very efficient inestablishing regular electrical impulses and Nitric Oxidermal rhythm to theheart. Nitric Oxide is an exceptional nutritional supplement and it magnifies restores and stimulates the genitalia response in both women and men.

Nitric Oxide is also very beneficial for the immune systembecause it enhances its ability to kill of parasites, viruses and bacteria andprevents the occurrence of various types of infections. It also improves theproduction of blood cells and relieves the pain and other symptoms ofrheumatism and different inflammatory conditions. Nitric Oxide is verybeneficial because it also widens the blood channels that supply the skeletalmuscles which leads to a faster muscle mass gain and enhanced endurance of themuscles. Nitric oxide is efficient in transmitting messages between differentnerve cells and it greatly enhances the memory and the ability to sleep andlearn. It stimulates the brain and it modulates various bodily functions likebehavioral activities or the activities of the gastrointestinal tract. It isalso very helpful in reducing the risk of tumors and increasing the resistanceagainst cancerous cells.

Nitric Oxide is a remarkable source of zinc, iron, calcium,potassium, vitamin C and vitamin A as well as ghycosides, ursolic, plantsterols, B-sitosterol and anthrquinoidenes. It makes for a great supplement forthose who indulge in body building because it provides an increase in the bloodflow and delivers more nutrients to the muscles. This helps the muscles inbecoming bigger and it is also beneficial in reducing the inflammatoryconditions and the muscle pain which sometimes occurs because of the extremephysical stress.


Sometimes a person can experience an overdose because NitricOxide contains certain amino acids which may cause nausea, diarrhea andweakness. One must find the ideal dosage through tolerance mapping since thereare no dosing guidelines at all.

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