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Recently noni plant as well as noni juice is very frequently mentioned, as something that is beneficial to health. Noni is a fruit that for centuries have been used in Polynesia, Tahiti and Hawaii as food and as medicine but in the rest of the world this fruit is not really known. Interesting fact is related to noni. This plant gives the fruit up to 13 times a year. Studies have shown that the fruit consists of more than 150 beneficial ingredients.

Noni contains 18 different amino acids, various minerals and vitamins, as well as various enzymes. Its juice is the most commonly used for regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels, increasing physical energy, overcoming insomnia and bad mood (assist in the depressive state), increasing mental stability, acting against allergies and inflammations, relieving different types of pain and preventing or at least slowing down, malignant tumors.

In addition to the above effects, noni juice is useful for all athletes. 18 amino acids promote the development of muscles and prevent their degradation.

Noni juice stimulates the regenerative processes in the body and supports thyroid function. It can be very useful in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and thus to significantly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

In addition, noni juice helps in digestion and thereby reduces the possible problems of the digestive tract.

It also helps in giving up some addictions (smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction). Its use relieves withdrawal symptoms making the process easier for submission.

The effect of noni juice can be noticed already after a few days or weeks, and the full scope of action becomes apparent after six months of regular use. What is less nice at noni is that it has an unpleasant taste and odor. Fortunately except for large problems, enormous amounts of noni drink are not required. It is common that, while the content of the first bottle wouldn’t be drunk, takes twice daily for 30 milliliters of juice, and then reduces to 30 milliliters a day. Noni juice drinks in the morning and can be mixed with fruit juice in order to alleviate the unpleasant smell and taste. Half an hour after taking noni should not eat, but it is advisable to drink plenty of fluids (water or juice). Noni juice is not harmful, so the entered quantities are not limited, and the effects are better if a lot of fluids is parallel entered.

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