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Body toxins directly cause the chronic diseases and organism aging. No matter how hard people try to maintain youth and beauty by cosmetics, medicinal treatments or physical activity, the effects won't be satisfying if they don't clean the the body from accumulated harmful substances.

Toxins in the body that we collect every day damage the cells of all organs, skin, bones and blood. Thus, damaged cells cannot properly perform their function and build healthy tissue. Therefore, it is very important to conduct a thorough body cleansing. It is advisable to start first with the digestive system cleaning.

The most popular herbal formula in India, which gently but effectively helps in eliminating toxins from the body is Triphala. It is an effective laxative, which also increases the strength of the body. Because of its exceptional nutritional value, triphala cleans and detoxifies the deepest levels of the organism, without body reserves exhaustion. This makes it one of the most precious herbal remedies in the world.

Triphala Feeds and Purifies

Triphala nutritional aspect is reflected in the large quantities of vitamin C, the presence of linoleic oil and numerous highly valuable nutrients.

Scientific researches and experience of people who have used triphala over the years show that it effectively cleans the blood, stimulates the secretion of bile detoxifying the liver, helps digestion and assimilation, and significantly reduces the level of cholesterol and fats in the blood.

Triphala Herbs

Triphala consists of three milled fruit plants: Haritaki, Amalaki and Bibitaki.

Haritaki has a laxative, harsh, lubricating, anti parasitic, anti-spasmolytic and nerve soothing qualities. Because of these properties it is used in the treatment of acute and chronic constipation, nervousness, anxiety and a sense of heaviness.

Amalaki is the sour taste, pungent, mild laxative and antipyretic. It is used for treating many disorders and diseases of the digestive tract. Various studies have shown that amalaki has mild antibacterial properties, very pronounced effect on the sputum and antiviral activity.

Amalaki is also known for being the largest natural source of vitamin C. It has 20 times bigger amount of vitamin C than oranges, and has a unique thermostability. Even when it is exposed to high temperature it hardly loses any of the vitamin C that is present in freshly harvested fruit. The same is with dried fruits of amalaki.

Bibhitaki refreshes, improves digestion and relieves the spasms. Also, bibhitaki cleans and balances excess mucus, regulates asthma, state of bronchioles, allergies and hiccup.

Triphala in Practice

Ayurveda describes triphala as a means for improving general health and slowing the aging process. Triphala is so reliable and efficient, that among ayurvedic experts there is a saying: "When you are in doubt, use triphala."

It is believed that trifala is very convenient and safe laxative, even for children and elderly, because its qualities compensate laxative side effects.

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