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Nitric oxide and the main purpose

One of the supplements whose popularity has grown lately, particularlyamong the bodybuilders, is certainly nitric oxide. The reason why they use itis related to the fact that it affects the blood flow in the muscles, whichresults in increased strength, increased muscle mass, and faster recoverybetween the workouts. Besides all this, it is essential for memory, it helpsthe immune system fight off the diseases that are caused by various microorganismsand tumors, it helps in healing process and in prevention of erectiledysfunction, which means that even people who are not into bodybuilding benefitfrom it. When the levels of nitric oxide in the body are not appropriate, it might resultin a number of health issues, since it leads to tissue toxicity, vascularcollapse and even multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and certain types of diabetes.This only implies the importance of the role that it has in the functioning ofevery individual and the importance of making sure that the body does not lackit.

How safe is it and what side effects can be experienced dueto its use?

As for the bodybuilders, since they are those who are mostinterested in its use, when they take nitric oxide supplements, more oxygen andnutrients are sent to the muscles due to the increased blood flow it causes. Thisis why muscles become stronger and firmer. On the other side, since it affectsthe feeling of pain, they are even more interested in its use because that way,the effects of the extreme stress that their muscles are exposed to during theworkout are easier to bear and cope with.

Still, regardless of the benefits it has, this supplement isnot 100% safe and free of side effects. None of them is too serious or lifethreatening, and they have the tendency to disappear on their own after a fewdays, but it is important to be careful when using this supplement, becausecareless use can result in serious damage to the body and it can even be fatal sometimes.This mostly refers to overdosing or overproduction of nitric oxide by the body,which usually happens in cases of poisoning. For this reason, the symptoms thatshould not be neglected include problems with breathing, wheezing, tremors,blood pressure that goes much below the normal level. Less serious problemsthat it might cause are diarrhea, headache, nausea, tiredness and dry mouth.

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