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Nitric oxide has been one of the most important substancesused in bodybuilding today. Using nitric oxide many bodybuilders acceleratethe growth of their muscles and accomplish much better results in muchshorter time. Supplements containing nitric oxide have been reported as some ofthe best on the market and satisfied customers claim that they achieved greatresults in no time. With the proper diet and the use of nitric oxide bodybuilderscan grow their muscles even bigger and stronger than they were.

Nitric Oxide in the Human Body

Nitric oxide regulates the blood flow in all parts of humanorganism. This normally occurring substance also monitors the contraction and dilationof blood vessels, causing them to contract or expand. After a heavy lunch,nitric oxide will stimulate the blood flow to your stomach and intestines, inorder to digest that food more easily.

When people exercise, they also promote the blood flow tocertain muscles and regions of the body. The intensity of the physical activitydirectly influence the increase of the blood flow to that specific group ofmuscles. Nitric oxide works as the messenger, like neurotransmitter, sendingthe signals to the blood vessels in the muscles, either to contract or toexpand. With the increased blood flow, these muscles also get some extraproteins and vitamins from the blood, which are nutrients needed by muscles togrow bigger.

Supplemental Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide supplements should be used with regular andconstant exercise. There is nothing that will help you grow bigger and strong musclesif you don’t exercise, not even these nitric oxide supplements.

Natural nitric oxide effects last for 30 to 35 minutes afterthe physical activity. That’s where nitric oxide supplements can help,prolonging the increase of blood circulation in the muscles that were active. Musclesthen need less time to repair and they grow bigger and stronger more easily.

Nitric oxide can be great for the building of your muscles ifyou exercise regularly. However, it is necessary to use these supplementsexactly as they were prescribed for you and not to increase the dose byyourself. If you use these supplements as they should be used, in moderationand as prescribed, side effects have proven to be quite rare.

However, the increased doses or more frequent use can leadto potential side effects, especially related to some of the ingredients of thenitric oxide supplements. These supplements often contain arginine, amino acid responsible for the improvement of the nitric oxide level in your body, butalso for side effects if overdosed. People who used too much of nitric oxidesupplements may experience: tiredness, nausea, diarrhea and weakness.

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