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Vegetarian diet has grown in popularity now, since the effects of such a diet on cancer have been discovered. More and more magazines and TV shows are promoting the benefits of such diet on our metabolism. Vegetarian diet differs from omnivorous diet by a simple thing, vegetarian diet looks for different sources of protein, rather than different kinds of meat, it is based on different kinds of beans, which can be added into different kinds of meals, such as rice, stews, salads etc.

It is known since 1997, that a diet based on bean plants and vegetarian nutrition is very beneficial in order to prevent the cancer. Meat that has been grilled or smoked contains the substances that are carcinogenic. Most of the studies have shown that a regular consumption of whole grains can minimize the risk of cancer by 50%, and that the person who eats a lot more fruit and vegetables on a daily basis minimizes the risk of cancer by half.

One of the key ingredients of vegetarian diet is tofu. It is also known as the “soy beans cheese”. It can be used as a spread, served with pastas or veggies, or even used as a side dish. But, rather than cheese, it is good for cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases, and it is good for preventing bone loss. By eating tofu regularly, one can prevent different heart diseases.

A lot of herbs have proven their anti cancerous features in the latest researches. Some of the most known groceries are celery, carrot, parsley, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, fruits, tomatoes, berries, grapes. And of course, removing the meat from one’s diet, and replacing it with whole grains and beans. Seasonings can also help. One can use sage, oregano, basil, onions and garlic on a daily basis to improve ones resistance to various diseases.

All of the mentioned foods and seasonings contain a high level of substances that are known to alter our body’s behavior, in order of better prevention of diseases. Some of these compounds are phytosterols, phenolic acids, carotenoids, flavonoids and many others. Among these, flavonoids are one of the most potent antioxidants. They are contained in fruits, whole grains and veggies, and is proven that hey have a strong impact on cardiovascular diseases. Some of the studies in Europe have shown that they can lower mortality rates, (concerning cardio vascular diseases) by staggering 60%. Oranges, especially yellow ones, and the red pigments in fruit are also a very potent antioxidant. They prevent our good cholesterol from oxidation, and therefore lowering the risks of cardiac arrest.

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