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Royal jelly is one of those things that makes life better byimproving the quality of life slowing down the process of aging and fightingvarious diseases by means of its antioxidant properties and a sweet taste.

Royal jelly has a positive effect on sarcoma cells itdisintegrates tumor cells and is very beneficial in fighting the side effectsof radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is abundant in amino acids so it is veryefficient in recovering the immune system providing a defense system againstcertain types of microbes and rebuilding the cells destroyed during thetherapy.

Royal jelly has very strong calming and soothing propertiesand is very beneficial for people who suffer from manias, neurosis anddepression. It has very potent antidepressant properties and is helpful inrelieving various negative emotions and conditions like sadness, sorrow, fearand many others. Various studies and researches have shown that royal jellycomes in very handy in completely overcoming or at least moderating depressiveconditions and other common symptoms associated with emotional illnesses andproblems.

All emotional problems areusually affiliated with some negative breaking points of one’s life and mostcommonly they are menopause, growing up, mourning of a loss retiring from workand various exams during education. Depression is a lack of energy and itcauses a person to react differently, think in a negative way and make negativedecisions. Royal jelly’s strong antioxidant properties provide one with energyand relieve all the symptoms associated with depression.

Royal jelly also has very potent antibiotic properties andit kills different types of microbes and bacteria due to its rich contentof gamma and amino globulin. These substances are also responsible for helpingthe immune system in fighting various infections and transmitting nervemessages.

One other important fact concerning royal jelly is that itimproves fertility. Even the bee queen ingests royal jelly only. Royal jelly isvery efficient in providing faster conception in women and boosting potency inmen.

This is due to a dramatic change in the hormone levels especially the juvenileones. Because of its rich content of elatin, royal jelly is very efficient inslowing down the aging process of one is skin. Royal jelly is very efficient infighting various bacteria and that is why it often gets used in skin cosmetics.

Beside all of its aforementioned health benefits it can also be dangerous tosome people because it can trigger certain allergic reactions.

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