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Information on the Himalayan Goji Berry

Goji berry is the fruit of the plant botanically referred toas lycium barbarum. The berries grow on rather extensive thorny vines and theyactually originate from the Tibetan and Mongolian valleys located in theregions of China.

The goji berry plant is a perennial woody plant and it cangrow up to 3 meters high. It often gets confused with Chinese wolfberry which isalso a Lycium species. All the berries from the Lycium genus have strongmedicinal properties but the goji berries have proven to be the best of thebunch. That is because their native soils have never been exposed to anypollution or pesticides.

Goji berries are almost the same size as grapes andthey taste like something in between a cherry and a cranberry. The fruit is sotender that it does not have to be picked from the vine, one just needs toshake the vine. If it gets touched by hand it easily oxidizes. The consumptionof goji berry has been affiliated with happiness and a sense of well being fornumerous centuries.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Goji Berries

The goji berry plant has been used for numerous medicinalpurposes for many centuries. It was used as a tonic tea made from leaves and itcured everything from diabetes to eyesight problems and skin rashes. Goji berryis one amazing type of fruit because it has very strong antibacterial,vasodilator, anticholesterolemic, skin tonic, antipyretic, purgative,anti-cancer, ophthalmic, diuretic and hypoglycemic properties. Certain types ofpolysaccharides isolated from the Himalayan goji berry are very efficient inpreventing some types of cancer.

The same ingredients make the goji berry aremarkable booster of the immune system. Those same polysaccharides are veryefficient in stimulating the secretion of the human growth hormone which takesplace in the pituitary gland. That leads to a slower process of aging and aslight rejuvenation. Goji berries are the best source of carotenoids in the world.They are also among the world’s best sources of vitamin C, vitamin B2, andvitamin B1.

Himalayan goji berries also contain 18 different kinds of aminoacids and 21 different essential minerals, including zinc, phosphorus, iron,selenium, copper, germanium and calcium. They are also a remarkable source ofbeta-sitosterol, betaine, linoleic acid, physalin, sesquiterpenoids andtetrapenoids. Among certain other qualities, the Himalayan goji berries arealso very beneficial because they have very potent antibacterial and antifungalproperties.

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