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Many people are afraidof needles. However, it is highly advisable to donate blood. Not only that youcan save somebody’s life by doing this but you are also helping your ownhealth.

Several researches wereconducted on this phenomena and it was concluded that by donating bloodregularly you prevent heart attack and strokes. In fact donating blood is goodto prevent any type of heart disease.

If you give bloodregularly you spend iron stores in the body and by doing this you improvecirculation which also supports heart and the whole cardiovascular system.

Nevertheless, if you areold this process will not happen. Research was conducted on about 1.200 men andwomen who suffered from peripheral arterial disease. They drew their blood inorder to lower the iron and improve circulation. There were no big changes intheir health condition.

The research was doneagain among young and middle aged generation, and the group who gave bloodregularly indeed had less heart attacks, strokes and deaths.

Having enough iron inbody is important since you stop premature aging with it. Your body needs tocompensate the loss from giving blood and therefore it refreshes the suppliesand improves circulation.

Donating blood is cheapway to do all the necessary blood tests that you would otherwise pay. Wheneverthey drew your blood they will examine it and let you know whether you arehealthy or not.

If you want to donateblood you need to be at least 17 and have minimum 110 pounds. Another importantthing is that you must not have given blood in the last 8 months. You need tostate that you are healthy, that is, capable of doing all activities in lifeand feel generally well. If you suffer from diabetes or high bloodpressure you need to state that you monitor your illness.

You will then beexamined. They will check your temperature, pulse, blood pressure and bloodcount (hemoglobin or hematocrit). In order to donate certain blood volume youneed to have sufficient weight. The upper limit for weight is notdetermined.

Diseases on which theywill check your blood are syphilis, HIV, hepatitis and so on. If they findanything suspicious in your blood they will inform you and will not use yourblood.

Donating blood meansdonating life and helping your own life.

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