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The sea salt is unrefined salt. It is the residue of sea water after its evaporation. There is rather specific difference between seal salt and regular table salt. This especially refers to the mineral components.

The usage of salt in our daily diet is essential and it has to be taken in proper amounts. Everyone should be very careful since the exceeding of the daily limit can be followed by increased sodium load in the body and possible consequences.

The Benefits of Sea Salt

The basic role of salt is to regulate the amount of water present in human body. However this is not the only thing sea salt can do. There are several benefits of proper sea salt intake.

It is of great assistance in regulation of heart beats as well as maintenance of normal blood pressure. Moderate consumption of this mineral is highly efficient in prevention of certain heart conditions such as heart attack. Even people suffering from diabetes can benefit from adequate salt consumption as it is involved in maintenance of normal sugar levels.

Sea salt possesses great advantages regarding sinuses. Sinus obstruction due to excessive mucus or puss can be easily dealt with the usage of sea salt. The drainage is alleviated. It is also helpful in asthma since the sea salt represents the natural antihistaminic. Being a powerful antihistaminic this mineral is also responsible for prevention of muscle cramps and strengthening of the muscles. While at seaside evaporation of the sea water present in the air can be beneficial for certain lung conditions such as mucus plugs or phlegm. Even dry cough can be turned into productive one and easily relieved.

The sea salt can remove acidity from the cells and together with kidney excrete it with the urine. This is especially good for brain cells.

Electrolytes in the body have to stand in adequate balance. Sea salt can even take care of this equilibrium. The immune system is boosted with the proper dosage of sea salt.

The nerve transmission is properly conducted in the presence of optimal levels of salt within the body. This means that all the signals are transferred properly and that the synapses are adequately functioning. Acting as a natural hypnotic salt is involved in regulation of the sleeping process. The absorption of food within gastrointestinal tract is also under regulation of salt.

Even our skin and bones can function better and some skin conditions can be improved with sea salt. It is good for psoriasis, tendonitis and osteoarthritis. The smoother skin is achieved by the usage of scrubs that are rich in salt. And it can be also basic component of antiperspirants.

And finally this mineral is widely used in numerous cuisines.

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