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The term "kosher salt" derives but not from its being made by recommendation for kosher food preparing. Nearly the all salt is kosher, including ordinary table salt, but rather due to its use in a process of meat kosher making: kosher salt extracts the blood from meat due cooking. Kosher salt has a flat platelet shape and ads with yellow prussiate of soda - sodium ferrocyanate. Because kosher salt grains are larger, while meat coated in kosher salt does not dissolve, but rather remains on the surface of meat, to extract fluids out of the meat, in a process of cooking.

Kosher salt may be applied in almost all cooking, but it is not generally recommended for baking with recipes, with little liquid (wet ingredients). If there is not enough liquid, the kosher salt will not dissolve sufficiently. In recipes where there is enough liquid to dissolve all the salt, table salt can be replaced by kosher salt, if volume gets to be adjusted.

According the Jewish food laws (and according to Jewish holly book), there is a kosher meat and kosher salt, and it is not consumed only in Jewish food ritual. For salt, it is believed, that is going to cause hypertension or other health problems. But if it is consumed moderately it is beneficial for body and functioning.

A far as the nutrition, kosher salt is just like table salt, but has no iodine. The human body requires salt to balance electrolytes outside of cells and inside of cells. No salt diets decreases blood pressure. Doctors do not generally agree about health benefits as far as salt intake. Kosher Salt has few benefits worth mentioning.

-FlavourKosher salt has no iodine additives as the usual salt, it is lighter and cleaner other then ordinary salt and tastes less salty.

-Curing MeatKosher salt cures meat because its wide surface area that absorb extra moisture, more than other salts.

-Has No AdditivesKosher salt is additive free. Common salt has lot of additives. Ordinary salt has sodium iodide, sodium silicoaluminate, sodium ferrocyanide and potassium iodide.

-Emphasizes FlavourKosher salt emphasizes natural flavour in meals and food.

-Larger GrainsKosher salt has larger grains. It may be easier to handle because of the size.

-Health BenefitsSodium is vital for survival of cells. It passes nutrients to cells. Help calcium and minerals to solve in blood, regulates nerve stimulation and balance muscle contractions. Produces hydrochloric acid and help digestion, kosher salt sorts out electrolyte balance in and about body cells, also maintains blood cells and blood vessels.

-Less Cooking HoursKosher salt improves temperature of boiling water while preparing food and makes cooking time shorter.

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