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Great many herbs, aside frombeing good supplements to dishes, also have numerous and indispensable health benefitsand one of such herbs is also dill. It may come as a surprise but this plantcan be quite beneficial when it comes to improving such physiological processesas digestion and diarrhea, it can provide relief for insomnia, amelioraterespiratory complications and disorders, as well as menstrual ones and cancer,to name but a few. And if that’s not enough for you, it is also good for youroral hygiene. Therefore, it is no wonder that this herb has been used, notonly in culinary purposes, but also extensively in medicine, for quite sometime. What is even more astonishing is that both, its seeds and leaves, can beput to good purpose. Aside from being an utterly superb seasoning, it holds anumber of medicinal characteristics, originating in compounds such asflavonoids, minerals and amino acids.

Other health related benefits ofthis miraculous plant include the fact that it aids digestion in the way thatits oils function as stimulants for bile and digestive juices secretion. Thenext benefit it offers is relieving insomnia by acting both, as stimulant andsedative. Diarrhea is most often caused by microbial action and indigestion,and in the case of the latter dill can be of help, since it possessesastonishing digestive properties. As far as the former is concerned, it can bemuch helpful since the monoterpenes and flavonoids are by nature germicidal andbactericidal. As for dysentery, dill’s beneficial effect on this particularcondition is that of its essential oils functioning as disinfectants and thusaiding in infection repression. In the case of menstrual disorders, dill’sFlavonoids act as a stimulant, triggering secretion of hormones, which in turnaid in maintaining menstrual cycles.

In respiratory disorders, it has antcongestive and antihistamine properties, aiding the process of congestionclearance in our respiratory system. It is extremely favorable for our oralhealth as well, and leaves and seeds proved to be utterly beneficial when itcomes to fresh breath, while the essential oils are also good for warding offof germs, and are known to abound in anti oxidant and disinfectant properties.Last, but not the least, is one of the severest conditions today, the cancer,and here monoterpenes are the ones to come forward as the most beneficial. Theyare known to have chemo-protective and stimulant properties, and are highlyefficient in neutralizing carcinogens, especially free radicals. Besidesthe already mentioned, dill also has the soothing and relaxing qualities, itboosts strength, has diuretic properties, helps in getting rid of the gases,stops cramps and intensifies the libido.

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