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The fungus

Because of the structure, nails get easily infected with fungi. Fungal infections are responsible for the disorders such as athlete’s foot, tinea (or ringworm) and jock itch. The fungus need damp and dark to grow and you could catch some in the public shower room, lockers, gyms or swimming pools. Weaken immune system or sharing the socks or shoes with someone infected with fungi may also be the cause of the infection.

Usually, fungal infection affects the toes and sometimes fingers, but it can also be present on every other part of the body. Fungal infection may cause itching, rash and discharge on the skin in some cases.

Herbal Remedies for Fungus


Calendula or common marigold has been used for decades as the fungal remedy. It possesses anti-fungal, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties and is also an astringent. This natural product is often used to make some anti-fungal lotion or ointment. Calendula can be helpful in treatments of diaper rash, inflamed skin and burns (usually sunburns). It is also proven to help to regenerate and heal the wounds on the skin.


This plant contains carvacrol and thymol. These phenols have anti-fungal properties, as well as some anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. The essential oil from the clove can be applied to the affected area to treat the fungal infection. Use two drops of clove oil and a teaspoon of some other oil (almond or olive oil). Apply the mixture to the affected toes or fingers. This remedy is said to quickly resolve all fungal problems.

Black Walnut

The husk of the black walnut is known to improve the fungal infection. This hull is known to be anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial and also anti-fungal product, as well as the antiseptic. It can be found in many herbal remedies to treat parasitic, bacterial or fungal infections.

Black walnut contains omega3 fatty acids, especially alpha linoleic acid (ALA), vitamin C, tannins, iodine, and sterols and quinone. These compounds are proven efficient against different infections. You could use ointment or creams with black walnut to apply to the nail and skin affected with fungi, or drink black walnut tincture for same results.


Berberine present in barberries is an excellent anti-fungal substance. It affects the candida in the body, preventing the overgrowth of yeast and at the same time preserves the healthy bacteria in the intestines. It is also available as the tincture or ointment.

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