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Guava is typical for the Asian continent. It can be round or pear shaped light green, yellow or chestnut during ripening. In the heart of the fruit is soft and sweet pulp that is surrounded with a large number of seeds with hard coatings and white or chestnut meat. Besides being tasty, guava contains a large number of nutrients that carry a variety of benefits to human health.
Diarrhea - due to the abundance of astringents, consumption of guava in the case of diarrhea provides thickening watery contents in the intestines. Astringents are substances because of which people who eats raw guava or chew its leaves feel as his/her mouth and gums shrink.
Dysentery - astringents contributes to help in eliminating this disease. Its anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties prevent further growth of germs and eliminate excess mucus from the intestine. In addition to astringents, guava also contains other nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, and arytenoids, which also have a very beneficial effect on gastrointestinal tract.
Constipation - for the treatment of this problem uses the seeds that should be chewed or swallowed whole, acting as an excellent laxative. In addition, constipation can also be solved thanks to the abundance of fibers that are found in guava. These two properties allow properly, completely and thoroughly drain hoses, thus cleansing the entire body of toxins by preventing the occurrence of many diseases.
Cough and cold – astringents in guava help breaking up mucus, cleaning the respiratory tract, throat and lungs, alleviating cold and preventing further action of microbes. To achieve these effects guava should be consumed in the form of juice made from raw or unripe guava or in the form of guava leaves essence. In extreme cases of colds and congestion, guava can be eaten in the form of fried ripe guava. In addition, given that guava contains high amounts of iron and vitamin C, it should be used daily to prevent cold and flu.
Skin care – using guava skin becomes healthier, brighter, firmer and more resistant to aging. Guava can affect the skin in two ways. By eating guava effects through astringent the muscle tension and can be applied to the skin as the essence made from its leaves and immature fruits.
Hypertension - guava due to its fiber capacity prevents clogging veins and arteries by reducing blood cholesterol. By this increases blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.
Weight Loss - Guava is the perfect food, which consists of an enormous number of proteins, vitamins and fiber, but with no fat and hardly digestible carbohydrates. It provides sense of fullness and if only one medium-sized guava is eaten during the afternoon, the body does not have a need for food until the next day. However, guava in thin humans causes increasing weight, which proves its effect on the proper absorption of nutrients.
Scurvy - it is a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C, and given that guava has 5 times more of this vitamin than orange it can be very effective remedy in the treatment of this disease.
Other benefits - guava helps in controlling sugar levels in blood; curing bacterial infections, epilepsy, convulsions and decreases risk of cancer. For the treatment of toothache, mouth ulcers and swelling and bleeding gums guava is used in the form of juice made from its leaves. Also, this juice can be directly applied to open wounds.

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