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Cilantro is used in dishes all over the world, its leaves usually get sprinkled over the tops of other dishes, and in Thailand, its roots are used as a very important flavor to different kinds of food. Mexicans used it extensively for their salsa. Its aroma comes from its essential oils.
Cilantro has been cultivated in the Near East and southern Europe as well as in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. The Romans introduced it to modern England and it was brought to the North American colonies in the 17th century.
Cilantro is a powerful cleansing agent and it removes metals and other toxic substances from the body. Various research suggest that it is also one of the best chelation agents for those exposed to extensive levels of mercury.
Cilantro is also very beneficial to the digestive tract. The many health benefits of cilantro include its anti-inflammatory properties, agents that protect from various bacterial infections, increase of good cholesterol, and decrease of bad. It helps with urinary infections, reduces nauseous feelings, eases hormonal swings and menstrual cramping, and promotes a healthy liver function. Cilantro is very good at lowering the blood sugar levels, acts as a good anti-septic and anti-fungal agent and boost the immune system. A cup of cilantro tea will greatly help in settling the stomach.
Cineole and linoleic acid have anti-rheumatic properties and they help in releasing extra water in the body. Oleic, palmitic, stearic, and ascorbic acids help in keeping the levels of blood cholesterol low.
Borneol and linalool are the substances in charge of cleansing the liver and reducing diarrhea. Citronelol reduces bad breath, heals mouth wounds and prevents oral ulcers with its antiseptic properties. Cilantro’s most well known chemical called dodecenal is two times as potent as the common allopathic antibiotic medication called gentamicin.
Cilantro is an annual herb. It grows without any pesticides or fertilizers and it just requires a source of clean water. It usually grows up to half a meter in height, and the entire plant including the leaves, seeds and the root is edible. It grows best when fully exposed to sun. The soil must be moist at all times but it also needs good drainage.
Cilantro should not be used during pregnancy or by women that are trying to become pregnant. If a woman is pregnant or breast feeding a doctor should be consulted before consuming cilantro in any of its various forms.

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