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Aragonite Gemstone

Obtained as a result of biological and physical processes, Aragonite is a carbonatemineral, one of two common forms of calcium carbonate crystals. It is namedafter the town Aragon, since it was discovered nearby, in Molina de Aragon, in1788. Later, an Aragonite cave has been revealed in Slovakia, and in theCarlsbad Caverns, in the USA. Properties of Aragonite branch into two categoriesaccording to its physical and its healing properties.

Compared to calcite, Aragonite crystals have a pseudo-hexagonal form due to thephenomenon of twinning. It most naturally occurs in mollusk shells and ascalcareous endoskeleton of corals.

Though similar to Calcite in terms of chemical composition, Aragonitecrystal's atomic structure radically differs. Secretion rich in calcium producedby oysters, mollusks, and other bivalve fish, is a prominent source ofAragonite. This secretion is an instrument in protection as it hardens aroundany foreign objects thus preventing the entering into their exoskeletons. Thesmooth iridescent substance which is obtained when the Aragonite hardens andcrystallizes is known as Ammolite and it represents a gemstone.

Aragonite Healing

Healing Properties of Aragonite as a gemstone is associated with the Zodiacsings of Capricorn, sometimes Aquarius, and it represents patience, selfconfidence, and reliability. Its hues can be very different like white, brown,blue, yellow, red, orange, pink, and green each of them ruling a differentChakra.

Further classification of Aragonite healing properties is into physical,metaphysical, and crystal healing properties. Its physical healing propertiescomprise different hues effecting different Chakras, as mentioned above: whitesand blues for upper chakras (fifth, sixth, and seventh chakras), browns andreds for the first chakra, yellows and oranges for the second and thirdchakras, and greens and pinks for the heart chakra. Alternative healers use Aragoniteto heal bone and teeth problems, for solving digestive problems, alleviatingchills caused by fever or hypothermia, or to restore the body to its healthiestcondition. In the ancient Egypt it was believed that Aragonite prevents hairloss, bad skin and wrinkles.

Spritual and mental disturbances, as well as chaotic energies, are remediedby metaphysical healing properties of Aragonite. It corrects distraction as itbrings focus and increases concentration power. It soothes environmentalirritation, the same way it soothes physical irritation to oysters, and thus helpsin decision making.

Aragonite crystal properties calm energies which block out mental and spiritualirritants and disturbances bringing smooth meditation and spiritual healing, byfiltering out chaos and distractions. This is also considered a good way toconduct past life meditations.

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