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General Characteristics of Amazonite

Amazonite is a green to turquoise colored gemstone. Usually it is slightlyyellowish to bluish green, but it may also contain fine white streaks or spotsinside. Inclusions in amazonite may cause iridescence of this gemstone. Thisfairly soft stone (5-6 of 10 on the Mohs scale) is a variety of microlinedfeldspar. At first, the only amazonite gemstones were found in the Miass regionin Russia, but these days amazonite can be found in United States (Colorado)and also in Brazil, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Australia, and Namibia.

The stone got its name because of Amazon River, since itresembles green rocks in this river. However, there are no evidences that thereare amazonite gemstones in the Amazon.

Amazonite is often used as polished gemstone, because itbrings out its bright green color.

Amazonite Healing Powers

Amazonite represents the balance between masculine andfeminine values. It is believed that this stone encourages practical solutionsto all of problems and enhances kindness. If you need to make a decision, manynaturopaths and gemstone healers will recommend wearing or holding amazonite,since it is known to help in thought processes.

As the gemstone, amazonite is calling for pacification andis often used to calm negative energies and anxiety. Using this stone people aresaid to become peaceful and calm, and because of that it is recommended for grievingsituations. Sometimes, amazonite can also be used to resolve any specific fear.

It is believed that this gemstone vibrates to the number 5and it is ruled by the element of Earth. Amazonite is also associated withAquarius (for its color) and Virgo Zodiac signs, and many of people born in thesesigns wear it as an amulet.

Wear to around your neck, because it works on throat chakraand it will boost your self-esteem and increase creativity. Amazonite also rulesthymus, third eye and heart Chakras and balance the human body. They use tocall it a “hope stone” for amazonite wearers were inspired and hopeful. Many lazyteenagers might benefit from this stones, also.

Old Egyptians also used this stone. In their religion,amazonite was considered as the gemstone of courage and the name derived fromthe Amazon women warriors from the Bronze Age.

Physically, amazonite can be a diet stone, since it acceleratemetabolism and burn the fat deposits in the body. Women may benefit fromwearing this stone, for it will ease the PMS and muscle cramps, help in gettingpregnant and protect them from osteoporosis.

You might tape amazonite on your cell phone and it willprotect your body from radiation and absorb microwaves.

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