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Heart chakra is one of the seven chakras of the human body. Different schools mention a different number of chakras, but the most commonly used classification mentions: Muldhara (ovaries/prostate), Swadhisthana (last bone in the spinal cord), Manipura (navel area), Anahata (heart area), Vishuddha (throat and neck area), Ajna (pineal gland or third eye), Sahasrara (top of the head, the soft spot of a newborn). The name of heart chakra means unhurt, un-struck or unbeaten, on Sanskrit. This chakra is usually described as a heart flame, a center of the energies, and the center of will.

Opening the heart chakra

Chakras, energy or force centrals in the human body, can sometimes become blocked, which disturbs the normal flow of energy through the human body. When the chakra is blocked, a person experiences many diverse effects, which may manifest as physical, mental or emotional troubles. Heart chakra is associated with the person’s decision making capacity, affection, love, care, and empathy towards others. Opening this chakra by the means of meditation will help the person make better decisions, based on the higher self, not on the bodily affections and desires, which are of lower nature. Heart chakra meditation calms the person’s spirit and makes the person become nicer towards the others. This meditation will chase away the sadness and bring love and compassion to an individual’s life.

Heart chakra meditation

To start with the meditation, one should take a comfortable position, preferably a cross-leg meditative position. The spine is straight, the shoulder relaxed and the chest is open. On a long inhale, the palms are pressed together pressing the knuckles of the thumbs into the sternum at the level of the heart. There is actually a little spot where the knuckles perfectly fit. Find it and continue breathing deeply through the nose, concentrating on the expanding belly.

The mind should be focused on breathing and the beating of the heart. It is important to remain focused for one to five minutes, and try to clear the mind of any other disturbances. Then, release the hands and rub the palms together until they feel warm. Place the right palm in the center of the chest, cover it with the left palm, and feel the warmth inside of the heart area. Concentrate on the energy flow for some time and then release the palms and turn them outwards, while the arms are relaxed and the chest open. Try to visualize radiant green energy flowing from the heart area. One can even try to direct it towards the world and the loving beings.

The meditation ends with a long inhale, stretching the arms towards the sky and the universe. On a long exhale, the palms end resting on the earth, gently grounding the body. Take a moment or two to relax.

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