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Problems with Indigestion

This problem can be considered as very widespread and common. The term used for this condition is dyspepsia and it is connected with the building of the stomach acid that eventually goes to the esophagus. This can be a discomforting experience since it produces somewhat nasty or sour taste in the throat and mouth, emotion of fullness, burning, bloating, and pain.

Causes of Indigestion Problems

There are many causes of this problem and we will list several of them. Consuming large portions of food is one of the reasons and it is maybe the most common reason of all. This can be a problem in America, since the people here are always increasing the amount of food eaten during one year. Also, we can find culprit for this problem in the food we eat. Indigestion can be caused by the food. Foods that usually cause this problem are heavy, greasy and fried foods. Eating too fast can also cause the indigestion. Since we live in a world that makes us live in the fast lane, this type of living can create frequent problems with indigestion. People today rarely have enough free time to sit for a while and eat in peace without any rush. Also, rush can make us swallow partly chewed food, and this can also lead to indigestion.

We can list another cause, and it is stress. As we have mentioned, the world today is fast-paced and it brings a lot of stress on the individuals. We are in constant worry and anxiety that can lead to indigestion and even sleeping problems, or even problems with indigestion during the late hours. Other causes of indigestion are consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Also, since the fetus presses the abdominal organs of a woman, pregnant women frequently experience indigestion. Certain medications, like NSAIDs, can increase indigestion. Several problems with digestive and abdominal organs can created the problem in question, along with the peptic ulcer disease.


When we talk about ways of eliminating and preventing this problem, the main thing is not to eat large portions of food. We recommend having six small meals during the day. Also, try to limit or avoid consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Chronic indigestion problems can be reduced if you raise your head during the night for six inches. Stomach acid will be controlled if you limit the intake of soda and caffeine. Stress and anxiety can be decreased with the use of meditations, hypnosis or breathing exercises.

Remember to drink plenty of water. Drinking ginger tea before bed and between the meals can help. Also, try a remedy made by adding three to five drops of peppermint in a glass of water. Drink this remedy three or four times a day. Put one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice in a glass of water and drink it before eating. You can also try using baking soda, but be very careful when using it, since excessive use can lead to problems. Try any of the mentioned remedies and they will certainly bring some improvement.

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