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Digestive problems are very common nowadays due to unhealthy diet and unhealthy lifestyle. One of the disorders of the gastrointestinal tract is acid indigestion and in this condition, the hydrochloric acid in stomach tends to flow back from the stomach to the esophagus. The esophagus is the pipe which spreads from the mouth to the stomach. This condition is medically known as acid reflux.

Causes of acid indigestion

The food can be classified as alkaline and acidic substance and it is important that the proportion of alkali and acid based eaten foods should be 3:1. Thus, the pH of the body is maintained, while otherwise, when acid is elevated, acid reflux occurs.

The most common causes of acid indigestion are overeating, obesity and irregular intake of the food, although excessive consummation of spicy foods, alcohol and cigarettes may also lead to the occurrence of acid indigestion. Drinking water with meal, insufficiency of digestive enzyme and stomach ulcer are also potential causes for the incidence of acid reflux.

Symptoms of acid indigestion

The people who suffer from acid indigestion usually experience nausea, heartburn and belching, but besides these symptoms, sour stomach, upset stomach and poor appetite are also considered to be the the indicators of this digestive problem.

Remedies for acid indigestion

When acid indigestion occurs, there are several remedies that can alleviate the symptoms of this condition.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water, although a few drops of mint can be added into the water. People with this digestive disorder should sleep at least seven hours a day since sleep is very important for good functioning of every system in the body. However, sleeping immediately after a meal should be avoided, and it is advisable to wait two or three hours after the meal and than go to sleep. Stress management is also essential if one wants to relieve the symptoms of acid reflux, since it only aggravates this condition. Fast foods should be avoided, while healthy diet is important and the food should be chewed properly before swallowing. The consumption of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided also. The so-called BRAT diet is advisable for the people who suffer from acid indigestion and this diet is made of banana, rice, apple sauce and toast.

There are also several home remedies which are proven to be very beneficial for treating acid indigestion. These remedies include green tea, ginger tea, garlic oil mixed with soya, baking soda and mint tea, raspberry tea, blackberry tea and chamomile.

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