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We often wonder why the traditional medicine is soeager to fight against different types of natural treatments. Traditionalmedicine acknowledges only medicines that are produced by pharmaceuticalcompanies. When we take a closer look, we will see how much money they allearn by selling pharmaceutical products. Money they gain comes from no one elsebut us. That is why we should struggle against this. There are various ways totreat ourselves and that does not involve usage of traditional drugs. We canlearn something about the benefits of natural remedies and use them in oureveryday life.

The traditional medicine is convinced that onlymedicines are helpful in indigestion problems. However, we now know that thatis not the truth. Medicines can be effective in relieving the symptoms,but they are not much helpful in curing indigestion. Also, prescription drugscan have undesirable and unwanted secondary effects and that is the additionalreason why not to use them. The symptoms of acid reflux can be treated innatural way. The greatest advantages of natural remedies are that they don’tcause any of the adverse effects and that they can really heal indigestionproblem. There is one more thing; natural treatment will save you some money.

Herbs that can help you in solving your acid reflux are Marshmallows andslippery elm. They are very effective in treating indigestion. There are alsolicorice, natural honey and juice made from aloe vera. These natural componentswill improve the condition of your esophagus. Believe it or not, chewing gum isalso helpful. Chewing increases the production of saliva and since saliva is alkaline,it helps in reducing the stomach acid. Your last meal should be three hours before bedtime,if you don’t want to feel heartburn at night. You should also try to change youreating habits. Eat more often during the day but make your portions smaller.Don’t drink coffee when you wake up, it is better to drink Kukicha Twig teainstead. In the morning, eat bananas and melons. After that, you can havewalnuts and almonds for snacks. Lunch should include fresh salad with chickenbreasts and lemon. It is very important that the food you consume is alkaline,so it doesn’t irritate your esophagus. You should also do some exercises inorder to lose weight and drink a lot of water. As you can see, the treatment isnot complicated at all, and anyone can make these adjustments in their lifestyle.

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