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About indigestion

Indigestion is an inability of the proper digestion and food assimilation. It usually occurs after a meal and it can be pretty irritating. Indigestion can present as many symptoms: burning in the stomach, heartburn, belching, increased gas production, feeling heaviness in the stomach, nausea and many others.


The main cause of indigestion are bad eating habits and the kind of consumed food. The refined and processed foods are stressing your digestive organs and wear them out. Consumption of fatty foods also slows the digestion process down and leads to indigestion. Indigestion is often caused by excessive alcohol consumption, coffee, too much spice in food, cigarettes, too much sugar, too much water after a meal and many other things.

Other causes of indigestion are not so related to the types of the food you eat, but to very process of eating. For example, eating too fast can lead to indigestion, mixing too many types of food in just one meal, not chewing, big bites of food taken...

The third group of causes of indigestion are those, closely related to metabolism, like overproduction of enzymes, gastric juices and intolerance to some types of food.

Supplements and herbs

The presence of hydrochloric acid, bile, digestive bacteria and proper enzymes is vital to the digestion process. However, sometimes you may suffer from a deficiency of any of those. Acidophilus is a very good remedy for cases when you lose your stomach flora as a consequence of illness, usage of antibiotics and similar things. In that case, the supplements of acidophilus are very good solution for your problem. If the problem is due to deficiency of gastric acid, the supplement called betaine hydrochloride is optimal solution.

Sometimes, the problem may appear due to enzyme deficiency. In case of inability to digest milk or other dairy products, you should use lactase as a supplement. If your digestive system is unable to digest oils and fats, lecithin may be the right choice for you. Medicinal clay mixed in lukewarm water can be used for too much and too active acids in intestines...

Very good for supporting the digestive process is a combination of root of the dandelion and gentian root and its leaves. You can take these as a tea, three times a day. Other herbs for supporting the digestion process are lemon balm, fennel, peppermint and chamomile. Use the essential oils from these herbs as you put for about 5 drops of each into the cup of water and drink it.

The bitter taste of dandelion, when you chew it, helps bowel movement and, therefore, helps the digestion process. Other herbs that may be beneficial are aloe vera, hobs shrub, rosemary, thyme, tormentil, marsh mellow...

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