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Belching or burping is a process of oral expelling of gases. It is present and common with both children and adults, more frequent with some and less with other. Nevertheless, it is considered rude in most cultures, and, as such, can place a person in a awkward situation. Belching also produces a specific sound and is often accompanied by an unpleasant smell, adding on to its inappropriateness.

When and Why do We Belch?

Most often, people tend to belch after drinking or eating something fast and in larger quantities. For example, drinking a whole glass of any carbonated drink at once will most certainly result in this gas releasing action. Milk and dairy products, as well as some fruits and vegetables also lead to burping since they trigger some important actions in one's stomach and digestive system. Additionally, some diseases or other medical conditions may have belching as a side-effect due to the nature of the condition itself or caused by certain medications. Wearing inadequate dentures or chewing a gum may all lead to this activity. Finally, in some cultures, burping after meal ends the process itself and shows your acceptance and appreciation for it, as well as your satisfaction with it.

Possible Remedies

One of many excellent ways of reducing and removing belching as a side-effect of eating and drinking is soup. Eating soup before any other meal will nullify chances of belching. Also, alternatively, you can use mint as an ingredient since it has the same effect.

Many teas made from numerous herbs have as their positive trait the power of relaxing our stomach, thus removing chances and the very need of oral gas release. Thus, having a habit of drinking tea regularly makes you less prone to burping and decreases your chances of this action in public. Also, garlic, as well as, asafetida provide a valuable belch-reducing addition to anydiet.

Another widely used remedy for belching prevention is baking soda. Take a half-spoon and mix it with a glass of water or perhaps a lime juice. This solution, when drunk, will most certainly relieve you of any need for belching. Lemon, in general, is known to do wonders for one's digestive system and as such is highly effective for this purpose as well.

A Few Additional Pieces of Advice

Simple paying extra attention at the dining table may be enough to prevent the occurrence of burping activity. Eat smaller portions organized during the day, and eat them slowly, without rush, while making sure your posture is right. Namely, sit with your back straight during meals, do not hang over the plate. Finally, avoid alcoholic, caffeine-based and carbonated beverages as well as any food you know to cause burping. Rather, drink sufficient amounts of water instead.

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