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How many times did we see the dark circlesaround our eyes when we looked at ourselves in a mirror? And each time we knew thatthey were the result of some sleep disorder like insomnia. We canoften see the people around us experiencing the same problem when we looked atthem. However, although we first suspect that the dark circles around the eyesare caused because of the disturbed sleep, we should know that this conditioncan be also caused due to some other health conditions and not only by sleepproblems.

This condition is also caused byvarious allergies and when it occurs as a body’s allergic reaction, the darkcircles around the eyes are called allergic shiners. Allergic shiners canappear in everyone, in adults as well as in the children, and they represent thefirst sign of some type of allergy in the children.

Causes of allergic shiners

Allergic shrines are usually mistakenfor the bruises gotten in a physical abuse, but there is a differencebetween the bruises and allergic shrines. While the bruises are formed due to the rupture of the blood vessels and leaking of the blood in this area, allergicshrines are formed due to blood accumulation under the eyes, since the nasalcongestion obstructs the normal blood flow to the heart. Furthermore, the tinyveins under the eyes usually become swollen or enlarged and the skin gets abluish black color. The swelling around the eyes is caused by the fluidretention in the tissues of the skin.All types of allergy can lead to theoccurrence of dark circles around the eyes. In the majority of cases, commoncold, sinusitis and hay fever are responsible for the appearance of allergic shrines.Moreover, eczema, dust allergy and mold allergy may also appear as thepotential culprits for the incidence of the allergic shrines in adults, as wellas in children.In addition to all these causes, itis also considered that allergic shrines are one of the first warning signs ofasthma in infants and children. Furthermore, even babies can develop allergicshrines, especially due to consummation of certain foods that they are allergicto. In the babies who are breastfed, the allergic shrines occur from some foodthat the mother have eaten.

The best treatment for successful curingof allergic shrines is detecting the cause which is responsible for theiroutbreak and then eliminating it.

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