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Do you have dark circles? The exhaustion of body may create dark circles under the eyes. Even with enough sleep every night, it is possible to get dark circles around eyes. There is the way to reduce appearance of dark circles and of course to remove them. The skin around eyes is sensitive and is the thinnest skin in our body. Dark circles are actually blood vessels visible through the skin, so the vessels are producing bluish capillary.

The usual cause of dark circles is allergies often due to rubbing and touching itchy eyes with dirty hands. The touching can break little capillaries just under the skin, producing discoloration. To simply treat problem it is necessary to treat allergy. If dark circles are constant, undetected allergy on food or to a chemical is possible. For allergy problem it is urgent to visit doctor. Dark circles are frequent and visible with age, because skin loses collagen and becomes thinner and more sensitive.

There are Chinese medicines that treat dark circles around the eyes as a failure of the kidney. A weak kidney is the result of exhaustion and lack of sleep. According to Chinese, kidney network directs the hormonal system in body: it affects the pigment melanin. So bad kidneys produce pigment deposit under the skin located around the eyes and face. A lack of mineral iron may produce a dark circles. The deficiency in iron may lead to anemia. Anemia may be a serious medical condition that needs treatment.

After all, there might be a cosmetic problems cause of the vitamin lack, vitamin K deficiency or not having enough antioxidants in the period of diet. Skin treatment might help, but there is a possibility to have some hidden cause. Problems in life reflect visually on face or skin.

Useful RemediesThere are natural solutions to treat dark circles under the eyes. And these are some useful tips:

Lightly apply almond oil under the eyes at morning and evening.Take seven to nine hours to sleep during the night.Do not smoke smoker’s blood vessels appear are more visible under the skin.Put cold water band on the eyes while sleep. Put cold tea bags or cucumber slices on the eyes for ten minutes every day.Use natural anti-aging eye creams to cure dark circles under the eye.Use Asian pear to lighten circles under the eyes. Those Fuji pears come together with vitamin C, copper and antioxidant. Copper is a vital component of SOD.Get balanced diet: plenty of water, a proper vitamin and mineral intake is very important for healthy looking eyes.

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