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Information on Dark Circles

Most people have misconceptions about how dark circles actually get formed and what factors actually cause them. In some cases, people even link the formation of dark circles to the way a person behaves. All those people are pretty much wrong. Dark circles are actually a product of the same bodily mechanism that creates bruises. If a person changes the behavior, lifestyle and certain habits it definitely will not make the dark circles disappear.Causes and Treatment

Medically speaking, the dark circles that get formed under the eyes are actually oxidizing hemoglobin. There is a delicate web of capillaries and blood vessels in the skin that surrounds the eyes. Sometimes the blood cells can get lost in the surrounding skin, but the human body deals with such occurrences on its own. During the process of hemoglobin breakdown certain components develop that characteristic color which gets affiliated with the occurrence of dark circles under the eyes. Leaky capillaries are the actual factors that cause the formation of dark circles. Blood vessels can break if they are hit by something and the blood leaks out which leads to the process of discoloration. The same mechanisms that provide the body with bruises also provide it with dark circles. The skin that surrounds the eyes is very delicate which is why the dark circles can be seen so easily. This is because the capillaries are located very close to the skin surface. Some people also have skin around the eyes which is more translucent as well. These qualities all contribute to the fact that the discoloration of the skin is so much more apparent. Dark circles usually do not require any medical treatment but one may need certain creams and concealers which may be helpful in taking care of the visual side of the problem. Sometimes a doctor may prescribe certain medications which can be helpful in reducing and treating the problematic discoloration. Some cases may also involve the use of chemical peels and perhaps laser therapy. Only extremely rare cases need to be treated with injectable fillers and surgical procedures. Dark circles can be treated with certain different home treatments which are usually inexpensive and simple. Cold compress can be of great help in relieving the symptoms. Head elevation may also be helpful in some cases. Certain cosmetic products and sunscreens may be helpful in concealing the dark circles. Saltwater solutions can be beneficial in some cases.

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