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How alcohol enters the body

A lot of people are not aware that after they have consumed alcohol 20% of it is absorbed into the bloodstream through the small blood vessels while the other 80% passes through the stomach into the small intestine and it is there that it gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

Liver metabolizes the alcohol and the enzymes break it down. It takes 60 minutes for liver to metabolize a 12 ounce bottle of beer or 1.5 ounce of 40% alcohol for instance. The liver is not able to metabolize a greater amount than that in a given time. When that happens, the alcohol makes its way to the bloodstream and body tissues and remains there until liver can process it.

How alcohol affects the body

There is no part of the body that alcohol cannot harm when a person intakes too much of it for a long period of time. Some effects go away in time or can be cured while others are permanent.

Alcohol and the bloodToo much alcohol intake can cause blood clotting abnormalities and a couple of anemia forms. A prolonged alcohol intake can even impair white blood cells and then a person will become more prone to infections.

Alcohol and esophagusMore than 50% of all cancers in the esophagus, larynx and mouth are related to alcohol consumption. Apart from this, a person who vomits a lot when drinking alcohol may even tear the esophagus.

Alcohol and the heartHigh blood pressure, heart disease and heart failure can all happen to a person who consumes a lot alcohol for a long period of time. A person who is considered a social drinker may experience irregular heartbeats.

Alcohol and the joints and musclesA person who is already suffering from some sort of medical conditions like osteoporosis can make the situation worse by consuming alcohol. Apart from this, alcohol consumption may eventually cause muscle atrophy. Sharp muscle pain and weakness occur when a person suffers from muscle atrophy.

Alcohol and kidneysKidney failure occurs when a person drinks heavily.

Alcohol and the liverA buildup of scar tissue is called cirrhosis and that occurs when a person suffers from alcoholic hepatitis which is caused by heavy drinking. Cirrhosis is known to cause internal bleeding.

Alcohol and the lungsPeople who drink a lot have more chance of ending up with pneumonia and lung collapse.

Apart from these, alcohol heavily influences the pancreas, reproductive system, small intestine and stomach. Every person should know that heavy drinking is not good for him or her.

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