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Human anatomy is very complex and there are some basicthings that should be known. On the outside, just under the skin, there are musclesconnected to bones. This is a system that enables us to move and perform allphysical actions. Of course, there are also internal organs of the human body, whichbasically do all other things.


This is one of a few organs that must work properly allthe time. Heart is a pump which pumps blood throughout the entire body. It isconsisted of four chambers, and the blood that goes in and out. Heart isactually a muscle and it even has its own neural starter, which sends electricalsignals through the entire heart and makes it work. Blood circulation is important becauseblood is carrying gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) and nutrients.Unfortunately, there are many factors that can cause problems for the heartand those should definitely be avoided.


This is another essential part of the body, located in chest (left and right).The main role of lungs is breathing. Lungs give us oxygen but also throw outcarbon dioxide. They are positioned in the chest, close to heart, and just as heart,they are protected with ribcage and muscles. One of the things people do isintentionally damaging this system with smoking. They sometimes exaggerate somuch that malign tumor may appear.


Liver is the laboratory of the body. It processes all thatwe put in us through mouth and that is sometimes a really hard job. This especiallygoes for people who are using alcohol too much and for drug abusers. Having ahealthy liver is not difficult, everything should be eaten moderately and, ofcourse, there should be no problematic behavior, which might cause some seriousmedical issues.


Kidneys are used for filtering fluids that come in ourorganism, and they have a role in the creation of urine. Their role is similar to the role of the liver, but luckily, we have two kidneys, while liver is only one. This is whykidney transplantation operation is more or less a common thing performedtoday. When there is a need, people are willing to donate one of the kidneys to helpa family member.


Brain is what differs us from other animals. Human evolutionhas progressed so much, that we like to say that brain is our main weapon now.It is located in the skull, and as heart, it is vital for us that the brain isfunctioning normally and that it has all needed nutrients. Brain is controllingalmost everything in the body and as such, it might be the most important humanorgan.

This is basic knowledge, and what is even more importantabout these organs is that they should be kept healthy for as long as the personlives.

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