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Alcohol statistics

Consummation of alcohol doesn’t have any benefits for thehuman health. The only exception is red wine. Doctors agree that one glass ofred wine every day may prevent blood and heart related health problems. Othertypes or amounts of alcohol aren’t proven to be healthy.

Alcohol Poisoning

Alcoholics and heavy drinkers are most likely to suffer fromalcohol poisoning. Every year, there are about 50,000 cases of alcoholpoisoning in the United States (US).

Alcohol poisoning is a very serious issue, although many don’tthink it deserves so much attention. This is a medical condition when there isso much alcohol in the blood that it starts to affect normal function of thebrain. Alcohol poisoning might be acute, when it’s caused by drinking largeamounts of alcohol over a short period of time. Effect of alcohol may bepredicted. Speed of consummation, food that we eat while drinking, age, gender,usual consummation of alcoholic drinks affect metabolism of alcohol in the bodyand cause amount of alcohol in the blood.

People that drank too much and poison themselves withalcohol often experience nausea, vomiting, pale skin, mental problems, such aspoor reflexes and confusion, breathing problems and sometimes seizures. If leftmedically unattended alcohol poisoning might lead to death.

Every year 1.8 million of people worldwide die from alcoholabuse, and many of these people had alcohol poisoning. In the US only, thereare more than 900 new alcohol poisoning cases every week, mainly in collegepopulation. College students are also the group of people with the highest rateof alcohol problems – there are more than 150.000 of them diagnosed withalcohol related health issue.

Another problematic group is binge drinkers. Sometimes, teenagerstake extreme amounts of alcohol, which frequently cause alcohol poisoning. Thereare 2.6 million of US teenagers, age 12 to 17, evaluated as binge drinkers. Statisticsreveal that every day brings additional 13.000 teenager drinkers.

Consequences of Alcohol Poisoning

Many deaths caused by alcohol poisoning often remainundiagnosed, but every week one person dies in the US because of this condition.People often drink and drive, causing many fatal accidents. In 39% of all caraccidents recorded in the US, causes were alcohol consumption, poor reflexesand alcohol poisoning.

Abuse of alcohol might be one of the most important issuesof the modern world. It can and should be prevented, since it can cause so manyharmful and not a single one good effect.

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