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The high intensity workout fadMost people who wear by the gym will, if asked, tell you that fat burning mechanisms kick in about eight hours after a high intensity workout and that this is the reason why anyone who wishes to loose some weight should waste himself in the gym. No pain no gain (in this case, no loss). There is something they overlook and something they don't know.

What they overlook is that you are new to the gym and could find the type of effort they recommend a bit too much for you. What they don't know is that such type of training burns not fat, but carbohydrates. That causes you to crave for food after each training, and there you go. Most people will succumb to a high calorie meal after exercise that burned no fat at all, and it's all predestined to fail even before it begins.

The cardio training solution

There is a way to tap right into your fat burning zone. This is such a level of physical exertion that triggers utilization of fat reserves for energy production. To put it simply, yes, you can exercise to burn fat and you will burn it if you comply with the training program. Here is how it is done.


You will need a gym with a walking machine and a heart rate monitor. Your own, not that attached to the machine. These things are not expensive nowadays. And you will need one hour a day for five days a week for twelve weeks. That is all.

The test run

Set up the walking machine for a mile worth of distance. Start walking and keep your pulse as close to 140 BPM as possible (this heart rate is in the fat burning zone of your metabolism) all the time. Walk a mile and record how long it took you to complete it (this will come handy later). Adjust the speed of the machine so that you remain on 140 BPM. Some machines can do this automatically, so check for that.

The training

You are free to use any machine in the gym that you want. All you have to do is keep your heart rate between 140 and 145 BPM for one full hour. As told, five days a week of this for twelve weeks. You can expect to loose 1-2 lbs weekly, and you will do it on an exercise level that is safe and easy sustainable. Meanwhile, maintain a balanced diet with slightly lower daily calorie intake than you require. Do not be tempted to cut calories drastically, it is counterproductive.

After 12 weeks, you will be on a whole new level of cardio endurance and can move on to more advanced training. You can now use the walking machine to check against your initial results. You will notice that you will either cover a mile in less time and that your pulse will be lower if you walk at the same pace.

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