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Whatever you are exercising, maintaining the proper heart rate is very important if you want to achieve any results. A slow heart rate during exercise usually means that you can go faster or work harder. However, you should not exceed your max limit, of how fast you should go, according to your age, sex, body constitution and physical condition.

Heart rate or BPM (beats per minute) are the same thing – the number saying how many times your heart beats per one minute. Your age, medical condition and fitness affect your heart rate, but stress can also add to the number. Any mental or physical stress can change your heart rate immensely. Older people will normally get higher a heart beat than young people.

When you are resting, your heart demands less oxygen and because of that it beats slowly. When you start exercising, your body needs more oxygen and so your heart starts to pump faster in order to provide it.

What is Normal Heart Beat

Normal adult heart beat at rest is usually around 60 to 100 BPM, which is almost the same (70 to 100 BPM) for children from 6 to 15 years. Healthy and physically fit people normally have lower heart rate, and some athletes even have very low heart beat and their heart beats just 40 to 60 times in one minute.

Heart Beat While Exercising

Scientists established a maximum heart rate (Max HR), as the number to measure the intensity of the training in athletes. You will get your Max HR when you subtract the number of your age from 220. For a person of 30 years, you should achieve maximum 190. Some 50 to 60% of the Max HR is considered to be a healthy heart rate. For the person mentioned earlier, healthy heart rate would be around 95 to 114 BPM.

People taking hypertension (high blood pressure) medications should always consult their doctor about the healthy heart rate for their particular case during the physical activity.

Doctors recommend staying in the zone of 50 to 85% of the maximum heart rate for healthy exercise. For a healthy 20 year old, this means that his or hers target heart rate zone should be about 100 to 170 BPM and that a healthy 30 year old individual should exercise while marinating heart rate between 95 and 162 BPM. 40 year old people are supposed to stay in the zone of 90 to 153 BPM and 50 year olds should watch their BPM to be around 85 to 145.

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