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In order for a bodybuilding program to be successful, itis important that it is accompanied by a good diet and nutrition plan as well.

Training without proper nutrition is like trying to swimagainst the current, and it often results in months of work with any results. So you must make sure you plan a proper nutrition along with your training.

Being on a diet does not mean that the person is starving ornot eating, it means that he or she is simply making food choices on a dailybasis. Whether you are eating healthy or eating junk food every day, you areadhering to some kind of diet.

A good diet for a bodybuilder needs to follow three basicrules. The portions should be smaller and eating should be more frequent. Everymeal should have carbohydrates, protein and fat in the following ratio: 40 percentcarbs, 40 percent protein, and 20 percent good fats.

It is also important to cycle calories so that themetabolism does not get used to a certain level of calories being taken all thetime.

For example, the first meal should come in the morning andcan include a cup of dry oats mixed with water and one cup of eggbeaters. Ameal replacement packet can be taken with water and a protein powder and 40grams of carbs from cream of rice, grits or oatmeal for meal two. Onetablespoon of flaxseed oil should also be consumed.

Meal three occurs at noon and could include one cup of brownrice or a medium sized potato, two cups of green beans, broccoli or a differentvegetable, and six to eight ounces of chicken, turkey or lean fish.

Meal four, at about three in the afternoon, should be the sameas meal two and meal five should mirror meal three.

The final meal, at about eight in the evening, should be thesame as meal two as well.

Supplements are also important if the person wants to seebodybuilding results faster.

The most basic ones are Multiple Vitamin and Mineralformulas, three grams of Vitamin C split in three equal servings throughout theday, Chromium Picolinate, and essential fatty acids coming from either fishoils, flaxseed oil or extra virgin olive oil.

Protein powder is also a good way to both replace meals andto add valuable calories and nutrients to the diet.

There are some performance enhancing supplements that aresafe and can be used to see faster results.

Creatine is probably the most common one, aswell as Glutamine. They offer many of the same properties as anabolic steroidswithout the side effects. This means that a person taking these supplements willhave increased recovery, increased strength, increased glycogen levels, an enhancedimmune system and higher nitrogen synthesis without any unhealthy hormonesbeing put into the body.

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