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Characteristics of Body-weightCalisthenics

If you have no idea what body-weightcalisthenics stands for, but you are into exercising, you should getinformed as soon as possible since this is one of the most productiveexercise methods available. Namely, through traditional bodybuildingmethods, involving heavy weight lifting and other, similar methods,people are unable to harvest real physical strength. Rather theirmuscles have developed due to constant exposure to weight andtraining in that respect. However, a gymnast will always be strongerthan a bodybuilder, regardless of the conditions. This is due to thefact that people who do gymnastics undergo body-weight calisthenicstype of training. Therefore, besides being capable of doing thingswhich are incredibly demanding physically, they can lift more weightthan any bodybuilder with much less effort. Why? Read on.

Body-weight Calisthenics Way of WorkingOut

It was proven that, once a gymnaststarts working out in a traditional way, he or she will lose many ofthe abilities they had beforehand due to the lack of body-weightcalisthenics in their exercise methods. Thus, this method is farbetter than the traditional one, and it offers far greater results,even though it will not make you pumped and abnormally big. Withbody-weight calisthenics, your mind exercising along with your bodyand you use many of your body muscles simultaneously. This is whygymnasts are capable of being better than bodybuilders and thesituation is not the other way around. If you are interested inintroducing this exercising method to your workout schedule, thefollowing may give you a good start.

Body-weight Calisthenics Exercises

The first one is the so-called Hindusquats. Your initial position involves you standing with your feetwide apart from each other as your shoulders are. Then, startbreathing deeply while, at the same time, clenching your fists andmoving them towards your chest. After this, you are to lower yourbody as you exhale, keeping your arms behind your back and your backstraight. Once you reach the lowest you can go, stand on your toeswhile keeping your spine straight. Swing your arms by moving yourtoes in this position. Once done, return to the initial position.

Another excellent exercise of this type is Hindu push-ups. These are initially started from the same positionas regular push-up, only by keeping your legs much wider. By usingyour hands, walk backwards until your bottom is raised high up andyour legs are forming an upside down “V” sign. Then, bend yourelbows so as to make your body sink lower slowly. Upon almostreaching the surface with your chin, as if you were diving underwater, bend your spine and start moving up, straightening your armsexhaling during the process and inhaling during the first part.

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