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People tend to want big muscles and strong body, but they are not muchinterested in the process of the mass bulking. They only need bulked up body andthe mechanism behind it stays in the shadows. For bulking up, a good workoutroutine and the use of supplements are needed. A diet is also needed, but it isbetter to call it a healthy eating, since insufficient nutrients is something that isnot allowed when bodybuilding.

Growth of muscles

How do muscles grow and what is the ongoing process in theorganism when exercising? First of all, to activate those processes, exercisingshould be proper and effective. One strategy involves lifting maximum weights,which includes a small number of reps with a small number of sets. This will tirethe muscles, even though it might seem that the exercise does not last long.Opposite to this is a cardio workout, which includes much more reps and sets,because small or no additional weight is used.

Science says that there are two major types of the musclegrowth. One is based on the increase of the amount of specific fluids in musclecells, which directly increases the cell and fibers (process that happens while bodybuilding), while the other is based onincreasing the number of specific proteins in the muscle cell, inducing the increased strength and mass (but the mass is increased less than with the previousmethod).

This is the basic info, but from here on, there are ongoingdebates and discussions regarding the type of growth that is the best for certainphysical activities including bodybuilding, too. Whatever the best method,all of that is not important if there is no hard work and dedication present.

The need

One thing that pushes the bodybuilders to seek more and moremuscles is the motivation and need; the need for being better, stronger, need forgetting the maximum out of the body. There are many people who simply do notlike the way a bodybuilder's body look after bulking up. Whatever the case, onething is sure; without extreme desire to reach the final goal and a verystrong mind and will, the body would not be the way it is in the end. Andfurthermore, that body needs a lot of maintenance, which is where that strongspirit of the bodybuilder really shines. Whether we like all those big muscles ornot, we have to congratulate a bodybuilder for being able to push himself orherself to the limits, when it comes to both body and mind.

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