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Lethal Psychiatric Drugs

Believe it or not, psychiatricmedications can kill you in more ways than one. Besides impairingyour judgment and affecting your concentration and coordination,these may also trigger illnesses due to the numerous side-effectsthey have upon our organism's well-being. Additionally, psychiatricdrugs can cause death due to overdose or any other means of wrongusage. Also, one might lose control over his or her actions while onthese drugs, giving way to suicidal tendencies, aggressive behavioretc. All in all, there are plenty of life-threatening situationsthese drugs can put us into. It is important to know which these arein order to cope with them better, or, simply to be aware of what youare about to face, each time you get these drugs prescribed by yourpsychiatrist.

How Can These Drugs Kill Me?

As mentioned above, when on thesestrong drugs, you are likely not to be your own self. Rather, youwill not be aware of many of your doing, thus putting your life atrisk in many different situations. What is more, there are no lawsforbidding people on psychiatric drugs to drive cars, motorcycles andother means of transportation, even though they clearly are notcapable of performing these actions in a maximum success. In fact, manypsychiatric drugs are used by addicts. Thus, there is clearly aconnection between the effect these drugs have and the effect other,street drugs may trigger in your organism.

All in all, there are many trafficaccidents which happen due to the fact that one of the driversinvolved was “high” on his psychiatric drugs. Therefore, thereshould be a restriction of driving while on these drugs, the same asthere exists for people on illegal drugs, or intoxicated people.Unfortunately, there is a high likelihood that our pharmaceuticalcompanies, being one of the strongest empires on the planet,contribute to this tolerance of people on psychiatric drugs. Thereby,we have more and more accident in traffic, at work and in many othersituations.

Finally, all these drugs work inmysterious ways. Sure, their creators know their effects, as well asnumerous side-effects. However, what exactly they do with the brainof the person taking them is still not completely known. Thus, youare to take something you know nothing about, insert it into yourorganism, and let it affect your brain and bombard it with differentchemicals, hoping that your already present problems will not getworse.

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