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Every person in the world is aware of the importance air has for people. Even thought they know, some people care not about keeping it clear and preventing it from getting even more polluted. Air is one of the most essential components in the life of people. Without air, people cannot survive. Air is a mixture of a lot of gasses. Oxygen makes some 20% and nitrogen is almost 80% of air. Apart from these two, there are various other gasses. People need oxygen for the sole purpose of breathing. Plants need carbon dioxide in order to perform the process of photosynthesis.

Almost every person is aware of the fact that air pollution can cause certain problems, especially for kids. When there are higher levels of atmospheric gasses in the air or there are certain harmful elements present in the air like dust, other gases, industrial emissions and smoke for instance, that can all lead to air pollution. When some of these particles are in the air, the balance of the air is disturbed. These particles can be quite harmful to everyone who inhales air. There are two types of air pollution. One is natural and the other is caused by men. More than one factor is always involved in the pollution.

Causes of air pollution

One of the most common causes of air pollution is combustion of fossil fuels. Coal, petroleum and natural gas are the three types of fossil fuels. All of these fuels play an important part for people in everyday life. These fuels are used in the creation of electricity, for cooking, transportation and industries, among other things. However, the process of combustion creates plenty of carbon dioxide and water vapor. Too much carbon dioxide can be pretty damaging for the environment. Every transportation vehicle causes air pollution. Industries and factories create a lot of gas emanation and that causes a lot of air pollution. Sometimes, there are so much sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the air that acid rain is possible. Mining also contributes to air pollution. On the other hand, air pollution in the home is also possible. Poor ventilation, dust mites and smoking cigarettes all contribute to that.

Effects of air pollution

Air pollution brings no positive effect whatsoever. Global warming is a threat to everyone but kids are more likely to suffer the consequences. Carbon dioxide and methane are green house gasses and these gasses lead to global warming when they trap the heat in the air. Acid rains are known to cause a lot of harm to the plants, people, soil and even buildings. A person can end up suffering from various diseases like asthma, cancer, skin diseases, bronchitis and emphysema.

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