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Have We Gone This Far?!

Most of us are aware that humans areconstantly destroying planet Earth and depleting its resources, doinglittle to reverse the process or contribute to the restoration of allwe have spent and ruined. One of the things we are mostly concernedabout nowadays is air. The air we breathe is so polluted that we should belucky we are still alive. If you find these facts hard to believe,perhaps the following statistical data will make you take this wholesituation far more seriously.

Facts about Humans and Air Pollution

Some researches claim that humansliving in big cities are more exposed to life hazards thanwhen living near the place where a nuclear power plant exploded. Whatis more, more than two millions of people die before their time eachyear, only due to the fact that the air they were breathing was notclean, let alone healthy. Namely, all the tiny, harmful particles allover our air increase our chances of suffering from respiratory andcardiovascular diseases.

The more you breathe exhaustion fumes,the more likely you are to develop a heart condition which can evolveto a state of being deadly. Therefore, even though you think that, byjogging, you will make your heart flow faster, when performing thisexercise near traffic zone, you are likely to breathe all the harmfulfumes which can cause reduced blood flow to your heart.

As for children, pollution in the airaffects the health of their lungs significantly as they are moreprone to numerous respiratory conditions in childhood as well as laterin life.

All in all, next time you open thewindow in order to breathe in a little bit of fresh city air, thinkagain about how fresh and healthy it actually is, since many peopleare not even aware that the air we breathe has reached the stadium ofbeing dangerous for our health. Yet, we are in a situation where wehave nothing else to do, since we do not have other air available.Believe it or not, if you live in a big city, it is safer to stayindoors and breathe the air there, than to take a walk, wanting toenjoy the breeze. However, since you cannot spend your entirelifetime locked in your flat, you are advised to go out in themornings or after sunset, when the air is the best for breathing.

Finally, do not breathe too much whenthe air is extremely polluted. That being said, do not indulge intoexcessive physical activities in these situations.

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