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Air Pollution

There is a question whether the air inside is healthierthan the outside air. While many people have considered the indoor air to behealthier, this is not true. The quality of the air inside can be worse than theone outside. The health of an individual will be brought to danger due to themicroparticles located in the air, the air that may seem clear. We cannot seethese particles but they circulate in the air. The smaller the particles thegreater the danger and this is due to the fact that smaller particles can evenreach lungs and cause great damage. In the United States and many other countries, the air pollution problem is oneof the most serious. There are many problems that can be created due to theair pollution, and one of them includes many diseases developed by the air pollution.So we have asthma, no.1 chronic disease among children, lung cancer, which is a no.1 cancer killer and heart disease, which is no.1 killer. All of thesediseases can be developed due to air pollution. Also, stroke and heart attackcan be developed due to air pollution. We have to be very careful about the airwe breathe, since it is very serious business. Cleaning the air in offices andour homes has become very important in the world of today.


There are many allergens contained in the air and even inside air found inoffices and homes. Such allergens are bacteria, viruses, mild spores, smokecigarettes, dust mites, animal dander, pollen and others. There may also bechemical sprays in the air we breathe for 90% of our times, since thismuch time we spend at our home and office. Poor quality of the air isresponsible for 50% of problems with allergic reactions.Bad air quality is responsible for taking millions of lives in the UnitedStates. There are numerous problems to which we are exposed due to the air pollution.Some of them are stroke, heart disease, asthma and allergies. The diseases wehave mentioned can be developed due to air pollution, but it can also make themworse if the problem is already present.

There are several types of particles. The inhalable are those with 10 micrometersdiameter and they affect the upper respiratory tract and eyes. Those that are smallerare more dangerous and affect the bronchi. Also, there are those that aresmaller than 3 micrometers and they are responsible for chronic obstructive pulmonarydisease, cancer and asthma. They have a diameter of 3 micrometers.Prevention is very important since there are some diseases, like mesothelioma,which cannot be cured. Respiratory problems, allergic reactions and asthmacases are on the rise in recent years, so you can see why using the purifiersis very important. You can eliminate 99% of pathogens found in the air, such aschemicals, cigarette smoke, fungi, viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust and others.They will protect you and your family from medical conditions we have mentionedin the text.

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