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What is the truth behind all those super innovative methods for strengthening the abdominal area and for eliminating the fat from it? Do you really want a fit stomach? The truth about six pack abs is the key for reducing the fat tissue from this area and making it perfect.


Our body is functioning completely autonomously for some things. This means that some functions are not under our control; for example, fat storing and fat burning. Fat storing happens when there is overeating present, when the intake of calories is higher than the number of spent calories. This is essential to know because the organism is actually always storing the fat when there is excessive amount present in the body. So, it should be logical that when the mentioned values of calories are reversed the fat burning process will start. Well, that is how it should be, but it is not really so. When the amount of calories is reduced, the body thinks that there is non-intentional lack of certain nutrients, and it goes into starvation mode, which saves the fat! And that is not wanted because it is not a weight reduction process at all. This means that in order to start a weight reduction process, some carbs have to be eaten.


Never go for a crash diet! It might seem like a good idea to reduce all nutrients drastically, and honestly, some weight will be lost, but that is not all fat, there is water and proteins, too. For a flat stomach, fat has to be eliminated and for that to happen, some things should be done. First of all, changes in eating habits should be applied. There should be many meals in a day with reduced amount of food taken. This will keep the basal metabolism always active, and that will burn the calories constantly. Reduced amount of food taken will help the digestion process and make it faster. Also, reduced amount of food will simply reduce the diameter of the intestines and that also decreases the size of the belly.

Cardio workout should be applied most of the time. Jogging, swimming, aerobics and similar forms, are all the activities that should be applied if a person wants to reduce the stomach fat. Exercises that target the abdominal area specifically (such as crunches) will help too, but those are more for toning and strengthening the abdominal muscles. But, once excessive fat tissue is gone from this area, muscle toning will not be a problem.

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