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Pregnancy and Massage

It is a well-known fact that, while pregnant, a woman's body undergoes countless changes. Tiredness, swelling, mobility issues, drowsiness and many other may represent the problem. Also, joint pain and similar aches may strike a pregnant woman as well. During these times, a woman needs all the support she can get. Husbands, then, can help their wives with their problems by massaging them correctly. There are massage spots which can provide instant relief from stress, pain and all other pregnancy problems, helping the wife greatly.

Why Massages?

Massages are the best thing, since many of your troubles will be gone once each of your massage sessions ends. Firstly, since hormonal imbalances may cause depression, mood swings and other problems of this type, a proper massage can relieve you of these. Also, it can increase your blood circulation through your body, making both you and your child healthier and removing any pain, stiffness, cramping and swelling on some of your body parts. Since massage removes excessive fluids from your joints and makes your muscles more elastic and flexible, this method of discomfort relief can make the very pregnancy a lot easier process. Finally, massage makes you more positive mentally, providing relaxation and stress release, triggering happiness.

Before You Start

Since, during this wonderful period, a woman is carrying a child in her body, massage positioning is crucial since not all poses are possible, let alone recommendable. Thus, lying on your stomach is out of the question. On the other hand, during the first two months of your pregnancy, you might lie on your back while receiving a massage treatment. Later, however, you are best to turn sideways, in order to provide you and your baby maximum comfort during this therapy. While lying on your back, you can have pillows under your knees for additional comfort. Also, you might try sitting lightly, with the pillows behind your back, supporting you. Breast and feet massages can provide excellent relaxation and regeneration, while, at the same time, being very beneficial.

Alternatively, you might use essential oils for the massage, or make it an aromatherapy type of a massage. However, make sure you are using oils adequate for pregnant women, consulting with your doctor before purchasing one.

Finally, make sure the massage movements are slow and equal, being at the same time gentle and smooth. Also, apply the massage in a clockwise direction.

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