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Heart attack and arm pain: A troublesome misconception

Many women fear pain in their arms, as they will have heard stories of pain in the right arm being the first sign of a heart attack. For this reason, each time their right hand aches or feels unusual in any way, many people are scared and worried that this right arm pain could indicate a heart attack in women. All women experiencing pain and discomfort in their right arms may rest assured that it isn't a sign of heart attack. Rather, they are most likely dealing with a joint, bone, ligament or tendon injury due to overstraining, a pinched nerve, or similar causes.

Possible reasons behind right arm pain in women

While pain in the left arm can be a symptom that points to a heart attack, right arm pain is most likely to be caused by some sort of injury.

The cause of discomfort in the right arm may be a simple night of sleeping while holding your right arm in an unnatural position. However, there can be a more serious cause, too. Namely, you may experience severe bone pain due to a possible fracture. This might have happened some time ago without any effect. Nevertheless, as the fracture increases and evolves, the pain becomes more present and severe.

Alternatively, your one of your muscles may be hurt, instead of your arm bone. This happens due to overstraining while doing physical exercises, therefore mostly affecting athletes or people with physically-active jobs. When hurt, muscles start to twitch and cause significant pain.

Sometimes, inflammations may take place, directly causing a woman's right hand to ache. Nerves may be trapped or compressed in a woman's shoulder or neck area, triggering pain in her arm due to the inflammation. A wrist nerve may suffer from this as well, possibly causing a radiating pain in the rest of the arm.

Right hand or shoulder tendons may get inflamed as a result of excessive use or straining, manifesting through pain and discomfort, as well as movement difficulties.

In the same manner, some diseases can cause inflammations in a woman's joints. Then, she is unable to move her joints, may experience swelling and pain around the area, possibly spreading onto the entire right arm.

Possible treatment for right arm pain

In all cases of arm injury, resting is the best medication. Therefore, a woman suffering from a right arm pain should restrain herself from using this limb. Rather, she should apply warm or cold compressions to the troublesome spots, possibly immobilizing it and providing it rest. Anti-inflammatory medications as well as painkillers may be of assistance. In adequate recovery conditions, the right arm pain should decrease and eventually go away over a period of several days or weeks.

However, if the pain in your right arm remains persistent or escalates, seek medical attention as soon as possible — and anyone who believes they could have broken a bone should also see a doctor.

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