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A Renowned Discipline

Yoga has already become a well knowndiscipline, and many of its benefits are experienced by numerousdifferent people. It relaxes you, makes it easier for you to reachboth physical and mental balance. Also, it increases yourflexibility, makes your musculature stronger and more capable ofwithstanding daily stress. Finally, yoga acts as a purifying forcefor your organism, since it triggers your liver, kidney and digestivecleansing through good blood circulation, sweat and proper breathing.What is more, all the good sides of this discipline may becomepresent in lives of pregnant women as well.

Prenatal Yoga Characteristics

Yoga can be very useful for pregnantwomen. Not only will it make their bodies more capable of enduringlabor with the least of unwanted effects upon them, but it will alsomake them control their body and accept all the changes which affectit during pregnancy. Meditation and proper breathing will ensure thelatter, along with the fact that it will make the whole labor lessdifficult.

However, not all yoga exercises arerecommended to be done while pregnant. Rather, you have to choose aspecial prenatal yoga program which focuses on those activities youare capable of performing safely. This way you can only gain from theentire process. Prenatal yoga focuses on strengthening joints whichget loose due to increased hormonal activity in this period of awoman's life. Also, it recommends poses which will make your bodymore prepared for the delivery.

Moreover, yoga activates ourparasympathetic part of the brain, which relaxes our body, providesit rest and regeneration and relieves us from stress. This is veryimportant during pregnancy since, while living under yoursympathetic system on, you are constantly having your blood deliveredmostly to your muscles, neglecting your other organs, causing stress,aggressive behavior and nervousness. This state can affect your babyand, for these reasons, it is best to indulge into yourparasympathetic self while breathing deeply and properly during youryoga classes or sessions.

Finally, your body is your baby'stemporary home. Therefore, you need to make this home as comfortableand good as possible. You can achieve this through proper nutritionand yoga, since these two combined establish a balance in your systemand provide your baby the best growing atmosphere possible. Yourperfectly calm and positive mental state will influence your soon tobe born baby in a positive way as well. Thus, when you care aboutyourself and your mental and physical health while pregnant, at thesame time you give the same amount of care to your baby.

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