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Red palmoil is a kind of vegetable oil that’s extracted from the fruit of a palm. It’s quitepopular and widespread and has found its use primarily in the Asian and Africannational cuisines. The reason it’s called red palm oil is in its high contentof various kinds of carotenes, the substances that are known for their orangepigment. Another thing that red palm oil contains are vast amounts of fats.These fats are both saturated and unsaturated, but the scientists havecharacterized red palm oil as mainly the mono-unsaturated kind of oil.

Howbeneficial is red palm oil for the health?

While ithas its drawbacks, red palm oil is, in fact, considered to be a fairly healthykind of vegetable oil. This is chiefly because it’s rich in antioxidants,vitamins and fatty acids.

Thevitamins that can be found in red palm oil are vitamin K and vitamin A.However, that vitamin A is actually contained in the red palm oil is sort of aloose term. While it’s true that the body will receive vitamin A from the useof this oil, it isn’t exactly true that the vitamin itself can be found in it.What this means is that thanks to the particular carotene types that red palmoil contains, the body itself is able to produce the vitamin. In this case,vitamin A is called provitamin A, and its main benefits are the preservation ofgood vision and a general boost in the immune system.

As for theantioxidants that are in the red palm oil, they have several important uses.First of all, they are a very good shield against the free radicals that canbring damage to the immune system in so many ways, one of the most serious onesbeing cancer. Also, it preserves the good quality of the blood and improvescirculation, thereby impeding all the complications that may arise from thelack of it.

What canred palm oil be used for?

The mainand the most obvious use of red palm oil is in cooking. It adds a verydistinct, yet appetizing flavor to the food and it’s generally very well receivedall around the world. The particularly good thing about it is that thetemperature of cooking or baking doesn’t really affect the nutrients itcontains. And, while it can be used for both, it is always especially recommendedfor baking because the nutritious value of the majority of other vegetable oilsis lost on such high temperatures.

Aside fromcooking, red palm olive oil has found its use in the production of soaps,washing powders and cosmetic products because of the fatty acids it contains.

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