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Acute sinusitis is medical condition caused by allergies, dry and cold air or in some cases by air pollution. Viral and bacterial infections, including common cold are also found to be causes of the same problem. This extremely common condition affects over 24 million people every year only in the United States.

Patients suffering from acute sinusitis often experience symptoms such as nasal congestion, fever, prolonged cold, bad breath and persistent cough. Beside from these, there are other symptoms accompanying this condition, such as muscle aches and fatigue, as well as various mild to severe headaches. Although many of the symptoms go away after a week or so, people still use different medications to get rid of them. This is completely unnecessary, since acute sinusitis can be beaten with the help of proper breathing.

What is Proper Breathing?

Correct and proper breathing is a natural process which enables the exchange of gases between the environment and our body, ensuring good health. However, many people breathe extremely shallow, which is not enough and doesn't stand for proper breathing. Most people work in office environments and spend bigger part of the day in closed space. Although some offices care about their employees and watch the quality of air in the building, it is not rare occasion that there is much more carbon dioxide than oxygen. Many different contaminants in the atmosphere also don’t make our breathing less difficult. That's why exercise is so important for proper breathing. Physical activity and any kind of exercise are known to increase release of carbon monoxide and absorption of oxygen, improving our breathing.How to Breathe Properly?

Deep breathing is what we should do. Fill the lungs with air, exhale slowly and try to do it only using your nose, not your mouth. Human nose is designed to control temperature and humidity of air we breathe, as well as to filter all foreign particles from the air going through the nostrils. Because of that, strive to use the nose more than the mouth for breathing and you will be on good way to breathe properly.

Always stand up straight and practice deep breathing at least 3 times every day. 3 deep breaths, 3 times per day is a good start for deep breathing, especially if you are somewhere in nature and can breathe fresh air. According to the advice of deep breathing, your exhalation should always last longer than the inhalation. Try to practice deep breathing while walking up the stairs, adjusting the breathing to the rhythm of your feet.

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